All about me


Hi my name is William hardy i’m ten years old and I love playing games. My favorite characters are sonic, adventure time, regular show,spiderman, hulk, captain amarica, Thor, ironman, master chief, godzilla, Steve, wolverine, homer, bart, angry birds, rio, batman, superman, plants vs zombies, Harry potter, herobrine, luigi and doctor who. I love playing my I pad, xbox 360, wii, computer, dsi, play minecraft, play halo, play call of duty, play sonic games, do work at school, play with my friends,  help my family, sleep and watch youtube. my favourite food is chocolate, cookie, carrot, chips, apple, banana, chocolate milk And sosage. My friends are lachlan, liam, peter, Ethan, Dylan, Rohan, xander, aiden, James, acol, Andy, fletcher, Jayden, will c,Nathaniel and Adrian. I love my mum, dad, max, James aka jimbo, Goldie and buzz but buzz died how sad and I miss buzz So much. Thanks for reading all about me. GOOD BYE!.

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