Performing arts

imageimageimageSemester 1 reflection. I learn that mime has no talking, people move and make funny moves.



Olsc Got Talent

1. Ethan, Hamish, Kelly and cooper.

Feed Back: I love  the song and the moves and I live the charaters sound.

1. Haleye and Olivia.

Feed back: I like the song.

3.Tyler and Zeon.

feed back: I like the song and the movements.

4. Nozica and Nastell.

feed back: live the movement and song.



Semester 2 Reflection Heritage project

What I’ve learnt:

Is not about winning it’s about having fun.

Help others in your team.

Australian song and dance are very good

Cheer you team mates.

What I’ve enjoyed:

Is having fun.

Dofunny act.

Do the mimes.

Games to play.

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